Laetitia Laquay

A webmaster web-therapist
to ease the life of entrepreneurs

and also an Anthropologist interested in digging to understand
and a Human intested in her environnement.

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A word that would define me? Passionate! When a subject interests me, it is with stars in my eyes that I speak about it; and lately I have fallen for the code and its solvings. Yes indeed, I am delighted when my code works, but I am even more excited when it does not!

What I would like to dig up? The databases and their multiplied purposes that I would like to make use of in Archaeology to develop new tools.

In private? I like to recycle and make things I will enjoy giving. And walks, I very much enjoy to lose myself in a place, a city, the nature or a secondhand market. I do photography and painting as well: I use silver for my artistical photographies and digital for my technical ones on which I later work on with Photoshop and Illustrator.

My goal ? Make a difference in the everyday life of entrepreneurs and small to middle companies who might feel anxious thinking about the realisation of their website, either if they decide to make it on their own or outsource the process. Therefore, I realise websites using a CMS (such as Wordpress) which can present an economical benefit in the case of websites starting to be sizable, and I also develop customised solutions using computing languages (=code). Finally, in the case of people wishing to be autonomous from the start or later in the process, I share my knowledge of Wordpress and provide advice.

My career path? Here it is:

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    Archaeology Studies
    and expatriation

    From 2004 to 2007, I studied Art History and Archaeology at the University of Paris 1 in Paris (France), and I obtained my Bachelor's Degree before interrumpting my studies. I then left in 2008 to live a full year in Australia to come back fluent in English. After my return in 2009, I went back to study Archaeology and started a specialization in Physical Anthropology at the University of Bordeaux 1 in Bordeaux (France), then I went back to the University of Paris 1 to achieve and obtain my Master's Degree in 2011.

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    I then kept on doing what I had started before obtaining my Master's Degree: the conduct of anthropological studies which resulted in the publication of articles and communications in Colloquiums in France and Romania, and some excavation work as a field technician.

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    Digital reconversion

    In May 2016, I got into the Institute IFOCOP in Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines (France) to start an occupational retraining in Web. After an intense training and a internship in Webmastering at Datawords in Levallois-Peret (France), I obtained a recognized Certificate of Web Developer (Titre certifié RNCP Niveau II).

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